This is who we are.

Philipp: CFO. Our main strategist and captain of the ship. Makes sure we stay on course and always keeps the bigger goals in mind.
Klemens: CEO. Expert in all technical things - from electronics to low-level embedded systems over operating systems to high-level web application development, Klemens is an endless source of knowledge.
Alex: CTO. Principle human interlink understanding every project and connecting all parts of the company with each other. Years of experience paired with an unquenchable will to learn and improve, Alex is mentoring the entire team. Never enter a speed-code-contest against him.
Tobias: Senior Developer. From Frontend to Backend, Tobias has a profound understanding on how to architect software systems and make them become reality. He is also an invaluable source of advice - if you want to know how to build or structure something, Tobias has the answer.
Andreas: Senior Developer. Frontend wizard that is able to build incredible user interfaces in even more incredible speed. He backs it up with a strong understanding of data analytics and API development.
Leo: Developer. Slices through ticket backlogs like nobody else and produces a constant output of high-quality deliverables.
Jan: Developer. Strong developer that can basically take care of projects all by himself, switching between different architectures and programming languages on a daily basis.
Ting Ting: Developer. Amazing design and frontend skills paired with a good eye for details and a strong technical background, Ting Ting consistently pushes our projects forward.
Oliver: Developer. Coming from a systems administration and operations background, Oliver not only creates great pieces of software, but takes of care of build pipelines, server monitoring and delivery strategies.
Peter: Developer. Our newest member - excellent web developer that got up to speed across different projects and since then does amazing work on both frontend and backend tasks.
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