About Us

This is who we are.

We are a small team of seasoned professionals that love and enjoy software development and engineering in general. Over the last 10 years we built a variety of different systems, applications, mobile apps and integrations.

One of our key assets is being fast and flexible, while maintaining high quality across all deliveries. We are also well-experienced in dealing with high-pressure situations, stepping in as firefighters and in the adoption and improvement of legacy systems.

You can find some concrete examples on our References page, but on a more general note we are proud in having a broad experience with different software architectures, environments and languages. We have experiences in building both monoliths and more microservices-oriented systems, extend existing systems with custom APIs to make them interoperable with other applications, build both stand-alone and server-backed mobile applications, as well as some work with embedded systems.

While all of us are allrounders that can handle both frontend and backend work, every one of us specializes in a field that they enjoy the most. You can find more on this on our Team page.

One of the most essential aspects for us though is that work should be fun, and that we enjoy what we do. This is a big part in why we are able to do all of the above, and what makes most of our customers stay with us for years.

About us